What is the eGo CE4 Starter Kit?

ego ce4 start kitWith a charge time of two to three hours, a battery life of over 400 cycles, and a cartridge that gives you over 600 puffs, you can get to vaporizing and enjoy it for longer than competitors’ vaporizers.

The vapor comparison is clear to see when you look at exhalation pictures of the new clearomizer compared to virtually any competitor’s offering. The upgraded technology gives you a huge vapor cloud and a great taste as well.

The upgraded battery is a high-capacity lithium battery, and it lasts longer than before, so you’re not always charging it up. You can enjoy vaporizing, and you won’t have to think about charging it all the time.

What does the manufacturer say about this starter kit? What can it help you do in your own life? Let’s look at the product benefits, as stated by the manufacturer, as well as third-party retailers who sell the starter kit.

eGo / CE4 Starter Kit Product Features & Benefits

The eGo / CE4 Plug cartomizer is easy to use.

  • It’s effortless to drop the e-liquid in. Just take the inhaler tip of the CE4 cartomize, fill it up with the e-liquid, and then put the inhaler tip back on.
  • It has a huge capacity, and it can hold up to 1.6 ml of e-liquid.
  • There is no leaking, no burning, and there is a lot of vapor.

Electronic Cigarette Safety Advantages &  Benefits

  • The product is safe and healthy. You can refill it with natural e-liquid. There is absolutely no carbon dioxide, so you are not damaging your lungs with it. The carcinogen levels in electronic cigarettes are almost 1,000 times less than in tobacco cigarettes.
  • It will help you quit smoking. Replacement Therapy is a therapy recommended by the W.H.O, and it can help you quit smoking, especially if you’ve been a long-term smoker. E-cigarettes simulate traditional cigarettes, but you don’t get all those nasty carcinogens that make cigarettes so deadly.
  • You can use an electronic cigarette anywhere and anytime. There is no secondhand smoke, so you’re not a nuisance to others. Just release safe, odorless, or sweet-smelling vapor without that terrible smell. You won’t have any negative effect on others. You can use these electronic cigarettes anywhere – at an aiport, bar, restaurant, or wherever you want.
  • Electronic cigarettes also help you save money. An electronic cigarette cartridge is roughly equivalent to one pack of tobacco cigarettes. You get the same smoking experience, but you save more money when you’re using electronic cigarettes.

If you’re curious about how an electronic cigarette can be of use to you, then get the starter kit that has everything you need included. The eGo CE4 Starter Kit is the best way to jump right into becoming a healthier, smarter, and more conscientious cigarette user. Don’t get frowned upon by your friends or strangers anymore. Use an electronic cigarette in public so that you’ll be more pleasant to be around. Plus, you will be saving yourself from serious future health problems if you give up smoking tobacco cigarettes.

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