eGo CE4 vs CE5 – What’s the Difference?

The eGo CE4 and CE5 clearomizers are the most popular models on the market today. Both produce large vapor and a smooth flavor.

Its translucent container allows the user see exactly how much e-juice is left and refill when necessary. However, users that are looking to try a wickless clearomizer with a replaceable coil and wick will find the CE5 to be a much better option.

eGo CE4 and CE5 Similarities

The eGo CE4 and CE5 clearomizers both use similar technologies. Both models are the same size and both hold a maximum capacity of 1.6ml. Both come in a variety of colors and are filled the same way. However, the CE5 does come with some extra features that electronic cigarette users will welcome with open arms.

Difference Between eGo CE4 and CE5

One of the major differences between the eGo CE4 and CE5 is the wick. The wickless version of the CE5 does not use the traditional fiber rope wick. Instead, the clearomizer uses a cotton core center, which absorbs the e-liquid. This helps prevent build-up and the unpleasant taste that occurs when the atomizer becomes clogged.

When comparing the eGo CE4 vs the CE5, users may also notice that the CE5’s inner tube contains 4 holes that allow the e-juice to flow through the clearomizer with ease. This allows for a smoother and richer flavor.

Another major advantage that the eGo CE5 clearomizer has over its predecessor is its ability to be taken apart and rebuilt. This means that users can replace the coil and the wick with ease, which will extend the life of the clearomizer and save the user money. The CE5 also features an atomizer that is easily washed and cleaned to maximize the life of the clearomizer.

The new CE5 eliminates the burnt taste and leakage that is sometimes experienced with other clearomizers. Its screw thread makes it compatible with eGo, eGo-T, eGo-W, eGo-C and 510 batteries.

Ultimately, it is not about comparing the eGo CE4 vs CE5, but rather assessing your needs and determining which one is the better choice. Both clearomizers have their own unique advantages and disadvantages. If you are concerned about extending the life of your clearomizer, the CE5 is the ideal choice because you can replace the coil cylinder. Both clearomizers perform incredibly well, although users note that the CE5 does produce a smoother flavor and even more vapor than the CE4.

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